Video works

Show Reel 2019

'Through Train' 2018

“Thought Train” with Robyn Backen for Wynscreen features a 1.5hr animation of scrolling and distorting texts. Texts speak of the inner thoughts. A meandering self talk we can drift into whilst traveling. Pop songs about trains and clouds of steam and gas drift through the work as it folds and bends across the 24M screen. The work was commissioned for the Wynyard Station extension in the tunnels to Brarangaroo. The custom screen bends into the architecture. The 5k work was produced with a .jsx scripted After Effects composition.


‘Swin(g)’ for StudioTCS.

Halo Long form

Interviews with the artists and engineers behind ‘Halo’. Halo’s 600kg main ring is perched on a ceramic ball bearing the size of a marble. How is the done?

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