“Thought Train”, commissioned by Alessio Cavallaro + Cultural Capital for TransportNSW’s Wynscreen public art project.

“Thought Train is an animated series of messages – silent whispers passing through time. The pulsing messages move from clearly representational to abstract coded patterns in a metaphorical representation of the way we articulate unconnected thoughts in relationship to travel or moving.” Robyn Backen

Hai Tran testing 'Thought Train' before release on site.

Hai Tran testing 'Thought Train' before release on site.

Wynscreen was developed and produced by Cultural Capital

This collaboration between Robyn Backen and I has been incubating over several years. ‘Night Watch 2013’ and ‘Connecting You 2010’ were precursors in code and concept.

Over time a custom set of AE scripts have been developed to control animation in a way so that precise and fine movements can be achieved.

The animation was generated with a tempo and form to respond to the unique bent 5k screen. Alessio Cavallaro work closely with us helping us refine the stripped back language of pure text and geometric transformations. Project partners, producers and team were all outstanding in their support of this unique and valued project. Ian Hobbs

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