Rosie Boylan Headwear blends classical aesthetics with clean design drawing on a rich heritage of stage and screen design.

Rosie Boylan Store

Rosie Boylan Store

Rosie is unique as an milliner and individual offering custom bespoke hats to the public.

Plans for an extensive treatment extending her great pedigree in stage and screen focused on personality and character.

Personality and character became the touch-points in brand development. It was a natural extension of the experience of visiting her Newtown store.

The backend is hosted with Shopify and a matching blog is maintained in Wordpress. A whole team of creatives contributed to the project led by us.

A big thank you to this team

  • Emlyn Crockett for videos.
  • Stephen Curtis for site architecture and content management.
  • Ian Hobbs from for art direction & strategy, branding, web development & photography.
  • Vicki Harding for social media support.
  • James Horan from for photography
  • Miriam McWilliam from Studio Mimi Moon for logo and web design.
  • Adrian Wiggins from for and UI prototyping and team support.
  • Fiona Wright from for copywriting
  • Supported by Department of Industry (Textile, Clothing and Footwear Small Business Program.)
Rosie Boylan Site

Rosie Boylan Site