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Thought Train


'Though Train' is a new public screen work comissioned by Transport NSW through it's partner Cultural Capital for the Wynyard Station Barangaroo extension. Robyn Backen + Ian Hobbs animated text works to fit this 24M 5K screen format. Pulsing messages move from represenatational to coded p[atterns]. A series of interconnected sequences leading from one thought to another.
this work is part of a number of specially developed works for this new art venue which opened in early December 2016.




Commissoned by Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. Half-dome half sphere. Nomanslanding floating dome toured Australia and Germany. 2015

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The artwork pays respect to the elegant contemporary architecture designed by BVN design. While sitting in harmony with the new building Night Watch calls upon the knowledge of the previous building on this siteā€”the old H.Pole Printery, founded in 1915.

| The screen consists of 7 animated evening sequences sourced from After Effects sequences. Role: After Effects Animation, Photography and Show Scripting. Credits: Robyn Backen with Ian Hobbs. UAP fabrication.

Robyn Backen's Nightwatch